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Hello and welcome to 'Kella's Creative Wishes'

This UK Blogshop business is my first tentative steps into the world of running my own business.

Kella's Creative Wishes is a UK Blogshop selling custom handmade jewellery, greeting cards, paper crafted items and other handcrafted keepsakes.

At Kella's Creative Wishes you are sure to find something for every occasion and person. I use all manner of items to create my 'wishes', from found, reclaimed items to brand new bought raw crafting products. Ensuring the pieces you purchase from me are unique or of limited edition.

At this time I'm afraid I also do not do commissioned pieces for two main reasons, one; it creates a different type of pressure which can really dull my creative juices and two; many of the beads and materials I use do not come in enough quantities to allow me to make multiple pieces.

I do hope you like what you see and that you will keep coming back to see what I've been up too and maybe purchase a trinket or two for yourself or as a gift.

So come on in, don't be shy, step inside and.....

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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Coming Soon!!!

Hi everyone, so sorry for the prolonged silence but it has been all go here, both with the business and within my family life.

I have now not one but two face to face selling venues, the first I attended way back in the Christmas season, where I then signed up for the next six months, its Bearsted Farmer's Market and it is held on the Village Green on the 4th Sunday of every month. The next one has been more recent and I have only been there twice so far but it is a lovely little farmer's market, this one is Headcorn Farmer's Market and it is held in the Village Hall on the 2nd Saturday of every month.

At both markets I have met some lovely stall holders who have been very generous with info on other face to face venues I might find useful to attend in the future, so watch this space and if you are ever in the area on my market days, by all means come and say hi, I would love to meet you.

So keeping my stall stocked has kept me particularly busy but there is one new thing I would love to share with all you loyal readers. It is the upcoming launch of a new and exciting range of jewellery I am currently working on.

Here is a short slideshow of what I have created thus far:

I have more pieces in the pipeline and I plan to launch the new range at the end of May, 2011 if everything pulls together as planned. More about the range can be read up about it here on my facebook fanpage.

I would love to know what you think of my new range.

Keep sweet thanks for popping in to read my update, I'll try to not make it so long next time.
Bye for now,

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Facebook Fanpage Fan Appreciation Giveaway!!!!!!!

First off sorry for posting this so late but shortly after the giveaway going live, I came down with a nasty bug and was out of commission till earlier today.
This is a sneak peak of the prize, so if you would like to take part in the giveaway mozy on over to the facebook fanpage via this link comment under the picture post by tomorrow Friday 15th of April midnight UK time.

Goodluck and wishing you all a lovely weekend ahead.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Thinking of Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday in the UK this year will be
celebrated on April 3rd.
I have listed these Happy Mother's Day greeting cards in my Facebook Fanpage shop and my Storenvy Shop (please like fanpage to recieve the code to use via Storenvy), so they are available at a discount re: my 30% off fanpage purchases which runs till midnight tonight.
I will list any that are left in the blogshop over the weekend.
4 Hearts Love You

Paisley Bird

Tea Time (sadly my photo doesn't do this card justice)

Butterflies in Flight

Heart Balloons on the Wind

Flower Bouquet
Will catch up with you all soon,
keep well,

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Facebook Fan Page Early Mother's Day Sale!!!!!!!

To celebrate a huge jump in the number of fans
on my facebook fanpage.
I am having an early Mother's Day SALE! at my fanpage shop.

Click the picture to go directly to my facebook fanpage shop.
The sale will last till midnight Friday 18th March, 2011.
International wish seekers can also benefit by shopping via the international shop tab on the fanpage.
Hope to see you there :)

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Merry Christmas To Everyone

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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Being Featured & A Giveaway Opportunity

Wow! three posts in just over a week, my faithful readers must be reeling with shock, not to worry I don't think I'll be able to keep that momentum up but I aim to at least try :)
Well today I am pleased to share with you all that I am being featured in the very cool blog of the online magazine UK Handmade. This organisation is doing great things for the handmade industry by showcasing all that is wonderful great or small within the handmade community and I am honoured to be featured in their blog.
The feature also has a bonus for their readers in the form of a giveaway of some of my creations which I created especially for the blog post.
So I'd like to extend a warm welcome to all the readers who have popped in from the UK Handmade blog, to peruse and check out my Blogshop and creations, my Blogshop site navigation links are on the right, I really hope you enjoy your visit.
Here are some sneak peeks of the giveaway prizes, so if you would like to take part in the giveaway, then pop over to UK Handmade's Blog and have a read of the feature for the details on how to take part, it runs from the 16th to the 22nd of Oct.

Thanks again everyone for returning to read my updates,
have a great weekend,

Monday, 11 October 2010

Facebook Fan Page 5 Day Sale!!!!!!!

I am so happy to make the 300 likes milestone on my facebook fan page and really wanted to thank my fans for their support, so I'm having a 5 days 15% off sale at my fanpage shop, details here: http://ning.it/9eU3Lq
Its a great way to get some christmas shopping done early, so if you're on facebook and hanker after my wishes, why not like my page, take advantage of my 5 days sale and
Make A Wish!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

I'm Still Here and New Stock Unveiled

Wow! So its the month of October already, the summer is well and truly over and the season of autumn is in full swing.

I know I have been very absent with not much happening on my other blogs and nothing new listed here since August :( But I promise I do have a few good reasons for my absences. the main one I'll go into here is my recent experiences of getting to sell at face to face events.

The first one was at Langley Farmer's market on the 2nd of August, which isn't far from me. It is a fairly quiet market, and the organiser was a little worried that I may not have made any sales but I did ok and this embolden me to get myself in some more markets or fairs.

Initially this turned out to be quite a challenge, you see, the handmade jewellery market is quite saturated and to do well you have to be very unique in your designs. Now I aim to create designs that unique and because I aim to create one off pieces 99% of the time, I can honestly say my pieces are also bespoke, and in the end this is why I got into the last craft fair I did.

Understandably organisers of these events do not like to overbook one type of product or artist, which is fair enough, as they want their customers to get lots of variety and they also want the vendors to do well. Luckily the organiser of the most recent fair I attended said in hindsight she probably had overbooked jewellery artists but felt my pieces stood out enough to garner my own audience, so she kindly gave me a stall :)

So on the weekend of the 25th - 26th of September at Brogdale Farm Cider festival I shared a stall with my good friend who is a visual mixed media artist Chelsea ART Designs (feel free to check her out). I proudly unveiled my homemade banner and was quite chuffed with how it turned out.

Overall I think I did quite well, Saturday was better than Sunday but then Sunday's weather was horrid and so there were less people about.

The experience was still very educational and I was able to learn a lot from both my experiences in selling face to face with the public.

I also got a few more addresses for invites to my home jewellery parties and there is one in the pipe line for early November but I'll blog on that closer to the time.

Well as you can imagine there was a lot of preparation involved in getting ready for these pass market and fair events which is lucky for you because that means there is a lot more new eye candy for you to see and to buy, especially if you want to get your holiday shoppng done early. I may have panicked and created a lot more stock than what I needed to show at the craft fairs, so there has been quite a lot to list in the blogshop, the storenvy shop and the facebook fanpage shop.

Its all done now and the new items can be found in the Sets category, Necklace category, Bracelets category and the Earrings,Rings, Cufflinks category. Here is s video of the newly listed items:

I have been busy in other blogging arenas as well and I am now also a guest blogger on the fast and upcoming blog Handmade and Fabulous, here is the link to my first blog post there (what do you think).

I should also be featuring on another blog with a giveaway soon, so keep popping back to get updates on that.

All that is left to say, is thank you for being patient with my recent abcenses and thanks again for sticking around. I would love to hear what you think of my new creations and by all means if you see something you like, don't be shy, treat yourself or a love one and...


Sunday, 1 August 2010

New Stock

Hi everyone, sorry for the long silence, following all the preparation involved in getting ready for my now long finished 1st Handmade Jewellery Party. In case you all are wondering it all went well, there were less people than I had hoped due to some last minute cancellations but the experience was still very beneficial.

I learnt that there is a market for my style of jewellery design and a lot of the comments I received have bolstered my confidence in getting myself out and participating in more craft fairs and farmer market venues, so watch this space :)

After it was all over though I was well and truly beat and needed to recuperate with a long hiatus.

That hiatus is finally coming to an end and it is time get back on the train that is my life. So I have finally got around to photographing the new stock that didn't sell at the party and have over the last two days uploaded them to both this Blogshop for UK residents and the Storenvy site for international buyers, I have also added some of the items to my facebook shop.

Here is s video of the newly listed items: (Edited: replaced with collage of items that were listed with this post as the slideshow updates when new items are listed).

I do hope you like what you see, please feel free to leave comments on the newly listed items, I enjoy reading them and they help me to gauge what the public want or find appealing.

Ta! Ta! For now, hope you all are enjoying the summer where ever you all are,
keep well,

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Upcoming Events

I'm afraid I will not be adding any new items to my Blogshop for a while. I am currently making stock for my first Handmade Jewellery Party and so I am holding all stock back till after the party date.

You can see the details to my party below:

Click the picture for a larger view.

So if you live in the Kent area of the UK and want to enjoy a relaxed girly evening shopping, then feel free to drop by for a visit, I look forward to meeting you.


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Branching Out & Newly Listed Items

Well what a month May has been, if you are a follower of my blog, you would know that its been a topsy turvy one for me and as such things and plans have simply not happened as I would have wished.

But I won't dwell on that, its best to look forwards and to aim upwards, so thats what I'll set out to do.

I have become more and more interested in creating my own unique components (which started off with my mini book pendants listed last month) which can be use by both myself and other designers in the creation of wearable art and so these new focal pieces along with a few new jewellery pieces I will be unveiling in today's newly listed slideshow (Edited: replaced with collage of items that were listed with this post as the slideshow updates when new items are listed)..

Do you like what you see? Well besides purchasing from me direct, you can get a chance to win some of these focal pieces at the blog of Handmade Craft Direct, which will featuring about Kella's Creative Wishes and hosting a giveaway with some of my products being the prize, talk about exciting. It runs from today till the 4th of June, so pop on over there and check it out, I would be most grateful for the support shown.

Just a few more things to add;
  1. I'm finally on facebook and now you can also shop from Kella's Creative Wishes without leaving the facebook site, here is the direct link to my facebook shop. You can also navigate to my fan page by clicking the facebook badge in the right hand column.
  2. The site navigation links on the upper right have been altered to better accomadate the new branch of products I will be listing more of from time to time.
  3. The month of May 2010 is almost on its way out and you may have noticed that I have not yet done my monthly feature of UK Blogshop selling handmade items but have no fear I will be sure to get on that job before the month is out.
  4. Last but by no means least, I have crossed my 1000 visitors mark and so I would like to say thank you to everyone for your visits to my Blogshop, thank you to for all the comments and words of encouragement that are left. I only hope that you would continue to visit and even make a wish or two.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Just a Few new Pieces & April 2010 Blogshop Treasury Feature

Things have been very hectic of late (Easter school holidays didn't help) and I simply haven't made nearly the amount of pieces I wanted to make for this new stock update.

But I'll share with you the plan, which is to list new items every Monday, starting from the first Monday in May. All I ask is that you don't hold me to that too religiously as the odd hiccup could easily derail what seems to be a simple task.

In the mean time please enjoy the slideshow of the newly listed items, (Edited: replaced with collage of items that were listed with this post as the slideshow updates when new items are listed), which include a couple mini leather book focal pieces which you can use to create your own mixed media jewellery.
. .Hope you liked what you see and I would love to hear your comments, so don't be shy.
I have also added a new feature to the shop and that is the option to buy a gift voucher for a loved one. This takes away the pressure of what to buy but still allows you to give your loved one a unique bespoke handmade item. The link for gift vouchers is in the column on the right near the top.

Its also time for me to reveal April 2010 treasury feature:
April Monthly Treasury Feature of UK Blogshops Selling Handmade Items.

Spring Time Blogshop Treasury
Features Left to right:

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy, why not spread the love and pay them a visit.

Best wishes,

Friday, 19 March 2010

Welcome Back

Hello everyone and welcome back to the fully spring cleaned and newly formatted blogshop that is Kella's Creative Wishes.

I am hoping this new colour pallet would make it easier and more enjoyable for everyone to peruse the site and by coincidence its also turned out to be quite spring like.

Site navigation has been improved by the creation and addition of product and information category links which can be found in the right hand side column. A view cart button has finally been added, so now you can view your basket or head straight to checkout from any page of the site.

Here is a flickr slideshow of today's newly listed items: (Edited: replaced with collage of items that were listed with this post as the slideshow updates when new items are listed).

A flickr slideshow of newly listed items will always be available either on the home page of the blogshop or in the right hand column, so that you can always see at a glance what has been recently added.

Today I am being featured on the blog of the talented Kalicat and you can read up on the interview here and I reciprocated and posted a feature on her on my blog here, so be sure to check it out. Which brings me to another new element I will be adding to the home page of my Blogshop.

It's to be a monthly regular which starts today, I will be featuring other UK based Blogshops selling handmade goods. This I hope will advertise the great variety of items you can get from the UK handmade movement and I hope it will also draw attention to the lesser known UK blog shopping experience. So if you are a UK based blogshop owner selling your handmade creations and you would like me to feature your shop in my monthly 'Treasury Features' then feel free to contact me either by email or in the comments leaving your blogshop's details. Now without further ado, here is this month's 'Treasury Feature':

March Monthly Treasury Feature of UK Blogshops Selling Handmade Items.

Everything Blue Blogshop Treasury

Features Left to right:

Thank you to everyone who has come back to see my Blogshop's new look and thanks also to all my new visitors. I do hope you'll remember me when you wish to treat yourself or a love one.

Best wishes,

PS International shoppers please be advised that my Storenvy site will be fully updated with all the new product items by 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time, thank you for your patience in this matter.